Dip moulding - the most cost effective and versatile solution for bellows and gaiters

Vinyl bellows and gaiters are the perfect solution for the protection of hydraulic, pneumatic and most other mechanical actuating rods and shafts. They allow full operational travel whilst protecting against the ingress of dirt and materials that over time would damage the seals and eventually cause failure.

The applications are endless and span all industries from automotive to furniture manufacture, offering not just component protection but also harm prevention to end users and product enhancement.

Dip moulded bellows and gaiters

The versatility of dip moulding together with the low cost of tooling make the process ideal for the production of gaiters and bellows in both low and high volumes. Many applications call for a simple parallel type of bellows or gaiter with a suitable amount of concentric convolutions and these are extremely fast and economical to produce. It will be appreciated here just how quickly a prototype tool can be manufactured for such a tool type.

Much more complex designs sometimes incorporating two or more flexible or collapsible sections, for hydraulic lever systems for example, are also easily within the capability of the process. Square, rectangular, oval , pyramidal or a combination of shapes and sizes can easily be incorporated into tooling and still remain most cost effective.

Dip moulded bellows and gaiters can be produced from a wide range of materials to suite most industries each available in wide range of colours.

Flexible vinyl bellows and gaiters experts

For the perfect solution for the protection of hydraulic rams, gas struts joystick actuation rods, exposed springs and many other moving parts, call LoVen to discuss your application and take advantage of their extensive experience.